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Letter From The Chairman

At its very core, Malia Group’s success stems from a strong belief in our people, systems, and decision-making. These pillars provide us with the foundation we need to execute projects, expand into new territories and sectors, and embrace – not fear – what lies ahead. We live and work in challenging times. While many businesses are looking to narrow their scope, we continuously aim to expand ours. In recent years, and with the unequivocal support of our stakeholders, we have built first-of-their-kind hospitality projects in Iraq; we have set up operations in the United Arab Emirates and...
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Who We Are

Driven by a pioneering spirit, Malia Group is a multifaceted group of 25 companies that are leaders in 6 sectors including: Industries, Consumer Goods Distribution, Technology Solutions, Fashion, Engineering & Contracting, and Hospitality & Real Estate. With a direct presence in Lebanon, Iraq and the UAE, our purpose is to ensure excellence in the creation, production, and the timely delivery of goods and services. Throughout the last 8 decades, we have accrued 60 brands and forged alliances with 35 best-loved multinationals – all testimonies to the fact that we are the Group of choice in the region.   At our core is a family of employees that believe in the dream of Malia Group to keep on rising, whatever the circumstances. Promoting cultural and social diversity, our commitment to total transparency, managerial empowerment, career development and integrity of conduct nurtures the exchange of ideas and opens the door for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Code of Ethics & Fair Operating Practices

    Our Code of Ethics and Fair Practices are based on the existing Corporate Business Conduct handbook and updated to include...
  • Consumer Issues

    Malia Group ensures fair marketing, factual and unbiased information, and fair contractual practices in dealing with our...
  • Protecting The Environment

    At Malia Group, we continuously build on a viable policy to support a sustainable environment in all aspects of our business...

History & Milestones

Since its establishment in 1936, Malia Group has grown with every decade, using its unique legacy and knowledge to launch and carve out for itself a prestigious share of the markets in which it is present. The combination of tradition and an unwavering vision of the future continue to be the momentum and driving force behind our success. This is the Malia Group story so far.
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