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Malia Group has forged partnerships and alliances with some of the world’s leading multinationals and most recognized brands based on a shared corporate culture

Malia Group attracts partners due to its professional work ethic, quality service, and a proven track record in each sector.


Consumer Goods Distribution

Technology & Management Solutions


Hospitality & Real Estate

Our approach to partnerships

Our approach to partnerships is based on four key pillars: Commitment, Capabilities, Opportunities and Action.

We assess the commitment and capabilities of a potential partner, quantify the opportunities and, accordingly, build an action plan that determines the role and responsibilities of both parties. We believe in synergy driving and sustaining all successful partnerships. Our code of conduct consists of nurturing transparency, mutual trust, and respect in all our ventures and undertakings.

What our partners say about us

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Joint-Venture & Participation

Aside from revenues and geographical strategies of diversification, Malia Group’s portfolio of investments is also diversified in a way to minimize risk exposure

The Group has different equity and fixed income investments with leading companies in sectors such as broadcasting, real estate, and banking. The equity participation of the Group is translated as board membership in the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI), the first private television in Lebanon with channels covering Europe, America, Australia, and Africa. The remaining investments are miscellaneous equity and fixed income securities in a variety of Lebanese, US, and French financial institutions.
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